Friday, September 26, 2008

The Feast is looking good and Fall is on the way.

It is great to check in with you all! :)

Has this weather been great or has it been great! I don't know about you all but I'M ready for some fall like weather!!!!! By the looks of thing's it won't be much longer!
Not only that but the Feast starts tomorrow and it is looking great and dry for once the feast is dry WOW I know that don't happen to much LOL..... So when will the cooler weather start to push through? Well we have a cold front which will start to make it's way through our area by Monday! and that will cool us off a bit! As temp's will drop from the low 80s as they have been all week to the mid to low 70s! And not only that but how about our nightly lows? They will fall as well to around the mid to upper 40s how dose that sound? :) for all you cold weather lovers. So the Feast of the hunters moon, is looking good and our next chance for any rain is going to be when the cold front moves through on Monday late evening and as you know this could still change and by that I mean the timing! So I will keep you updated on that and what we could expect. As of now were are not expecting anything severe but you never know when it comes to Indiana! :-) We will be going to the Feast so I will try to post some pictures when I get back for all you! Everyone go and enjoy the Nice weather who knows next year it could be wet!!! but let's not worry about that this year! lol.....

Oh One more thing! Another old way to help tell how the winter forecast will be is squirrels!!
If you all remember last year the squirrels were all over the place and there were so many! running wild! and we had above normal snowfall! Well this year the squirrels are just as bad doing the same thing! So we will just have to see how thing's turn out not to forget the cold air is still building to our north!!!!!

All have a great day and Enjoy the Feast of the hunters moon.....

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great IM looking forward to some real cool weather! :) I love fall it is such a beautiful time of year.....

Winter is as well both my FAV times! the beautiful leaves, colors, and in winter the beautiful Snow! and the crisp fresh air!

I hope we get a lot of snow and on thanksgiving and christmas that would be great for the holidays!!!!! :)

Everyone have a great night and enjoy the weather! :)