Monday, September 22, 2008


Well it is good to check in with you and Happy Fall to all!!!!! it is Fall as of 11:44am.
But why dose it not feel like fall and when will it start to feel like Fall? Well we got one more week of this summer like weather with temp's in the 80s till we will start to cool off later next week just in time for OCT, as temp's will drop to the 60s maybe lower as our high!Now the feast of the hunters moon is coming up and the BIG question is will the weather be nice? Well the answer is YES the Feast is looking great with clear skies and a high in the 80s!!!!! so you can go and enjoy!!!! How about your winter forecast?
Well flat out in a nut shell your winter forecast outlook is looking Frigid Wet Wild and Snowy!!!!! for the Midwest! That's US! :) We are expecting snowfall above normal this winter!! so snow lover's get ready!!!!! As I'M sure you know I am a BIG snow lover as you can tell by the way I do my best to keep you all up to date on the winter outlook! Now we could really see our above normal snowfall amount's in JAN, and FEB, But we could see our first good amount of snow as soon as mid NOV,!!!!!So there you have it your Feast outlook and your winter outlook! both looking GREAT!!!!! :) So again the cooler more Fall like temp's start to roll in by later next week! so get ready to pull out your jacket's! :)

OH one more thing! don't forget how close Halloween is! It's just around the corner!

Everyone have a great day and enjoy your week!!!!! :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

I am loveing the winter outlook!!!!! :) sound's REAL SNOWIE! YA YA YA.....

I know I can not believe how close Halloween is..... Wow. :) All have a great day!

Ps. The Feast is sounding great as well!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures