Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is there rain in the forecast?????

Well the BIG question is WERE IS THE RAIN?????
Well we could very well see some rain in the forecast tonight in to tomorrow and I have some rainfall total's that's right I said rainfall total's something we have not seen in a good time.
We have a 55% chance of rain tomorrow (Thursday) with rainfall amount's between a quater and a half of an inch possible!!!!! YES!!!!! Iam soooooooo happy to give you a rain forecast for we have not had rain in a long time at least in feel's like a long time!

Another thing to talk about is how hot it was yesterday we had a temp of around 94* WOW but on the better side we are now going to start to cool off as temps start to go back down to around the mid 70s. With all this talk about hot and dry weather would you all like to have a early winter forecast? Well stick around and I will have your winter outlook here on the blog later on today! Also it is getting close to the frist day of autumn which start's on the 22nd of this month. Halloween is also getting close I know I know you think Im rushing thing's lol.....
Also coming up I will give you a hurricane update there are more hurricane's out there and at least one of them named IKE, could make it back in to the gulf again which they really don't need so be sure to check back soon. Enjoy your day.....

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