Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One more hot day to get through.

Well Gustav has been some Hurricane and is now a tropical drpression. It knocked out the power in a good part of LA, I know of Baton Rouge, for sure. Some good news is the levee's did hold up thank goodness in new orleans, which was a big thing everyone was worried about. Also there is more hurricanes out there and there is a chance at least one of them could go in to the gulf again so we need to watch them very closely we do not want another one.

Now let's get back to weather here at home in Indiana,

Frist off I would like to say what a great job the people at WLFI TV 18 NEW'S did yesterday for jerry's kid's MDA and what a great job all the people did who called in to make a donation and all the volunteer's. They raised a lot of money to help Jerry's kid's GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!!

Now back to weather. We have one more day of hot weather to get through and that day is today we could see temps up around 90* HOT! after today will slowly start to cool down. Tomorrow we could see temps around 84* and on Thursday we really start to cool down with high's only around the low 70s. Late tomorrow in to Thursday we have a 30% to 50% chance of Iso-T showers. Otherwise the week don't look bad.

So everyone enjoy your day just don't stay out in the sun to long LOL..... Have a great day....

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