Friday, October 10, 2008

Back from WLFI

Well I'm back from WLFI, and talking with Mike, What fun that was! If theres one thing I found out is how much he loves to pick on Sue Scott, Which she is a good sport about it and she gets him just as much! Mike and I were looking for some snow somewhere on the map and by the time we found it ye yelled YES SNOW! Sue , looked over at us and said (Now that's what I call weather geeks) I just laughed :-)

Everybody there was cool It would be fun to work there one day! He also showed me some of the maps he looks at to help me stay on top when it comes to that wild stormy weather pattern we all love so much :-p.

You can see us both sitting there at the main desk above. It was fun they got some of there new computers in there as well. Still some work to be done as in fixing up some stuff but even though it was not all finished yet it was cool! Can't wait to go back!!!!! And even talked some winter weather with him and he said possible snow on Halloween!!!!!! What a trick or treat that would be. I don't think I have ever seen snow on Halloween! Well maybe this year! Instead of customs we all will be wearing heavy coats. I think it would be FUN to hand out candy to the kids in the SNOW!!!!!

:-) But that's just me and most likely Mike, All have a great day. Today's high will be 76* make it a great one.....Here is a quick sneak peek of some of what we will be talking about this week which will be our high temps we will be close to Record, highs this week. As our high temps roll in I will post them on here versus the Record highs. Lets see how close we get!!!!! :-)

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