Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

It is now Halloween and a great one it will be!!!!!

We are looking at a Halloween high of 65* and clear witch is going to be great for all the trick or treaters.....It is not snow as fun as that would have been but this is a treat I guess you could say..... Just remember warm weather lovers this warm weather wont last long at all..... Maybe later into next week we will start to cool off again!!!!! So cold weather lovers get ready things are still looking good for a cold and snowy winter..... I'M looking soooooooo forward to a cold cold cold and snowy winter this year and you know it a white CHRISTMAS AND THANKSGIVING!!!!! But for now lets get through Halloween first.....

I have just got done making two Halloween cakes and a batch of pop corn balls for our Halloween day treat!!!!! and I'M sure they will all be gone by the end of the day! They look sooooooooo good I'M trying to keep out of them and believe me it is not easy!!!!! :-)

So once again HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! and be sure to keep safe watch the kids closely and most of all have fun and make it a great one because Halloween only comes once a year!!!!! Have fun carving your PUMPKINS!! :-)

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