Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November 1st!!!!!

A great Halloween it was I had a blast!!!!! :-) I was handing out candy and you know it I was dressed up looking scary! and I only scared the older kids like the teenagers. And let me tell you it was sooooooo funny, one girl got only a foot from my face and said (Oh I thought he was real) and then went for some candy which was setting in my lap! You see where this is going! LOL I jumped up and she went flying and screaming she would not take candy from me for a wile! LOL So it was all good fun! I just had to tell you all that!

Now it is November 1st Happy NOVEMBER!!!!!

It's going to be a warm start to November so if you like warm weather then you can enjoy However if you are like me then this warm weather is NOT a treat and this is only because I do not like warm weather I would take a freezing cold day filled with lots and lots of snow over this warm weather any day! :-) so you can bet that I want to know when we will cool back down and here is you answer!

There will be a cold front coming through by late Thursday into Friday bringing some rain and we may have to watch for some pop up scattered thunderstorms but that is still a few days off and I will keep a close watch on it for you all. That is also the day some of the cooler weather will return....... So if you are a warm weather lover then enjoy wile you can for it wont last long!

Now as you all know the next BIG Holiday coming up is Thanksgiving so let the warm fuzzy feeling begin for the holidays and near! :-)

Have a great day everybody happy Holiday season and I will see you all soon!

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