Monday, November 3, 2008

Possible severe storms on the way?????

Another beautiful day!

We have only a few more days of warm weather to enjoy till we start to cool down and get our temperature's back down to normal. Because we have been above normal for some time now we are talking possible severe weather coming on the way by as soon as late Thursday into Friday! This is because there will be a warm front moving through our area by late Thursday which will be followed by a strong cold front which as you know when these to fronts meet they can fire up storms some even severe! So I will keep a close eye on this and keep you up to date. By looking at some of the model maps as of now it is looking like some of the worst may stay just north and south of Lafayette. However Thursday and Friday is still a few days off and a lot can change in this time! So I will keep you updated on this! As well as expected rainfall! As of now we are looking at anywhere between a Half of an inch to Three quarters of an inch possible!

So stay tuned we have another day of 73 as our high.....I will check back real soon!

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