Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland!!!!!

That's right we woke up to 2" inches of white goodness!!!!! :-) And we could see another inch or half of an inch later tonight into Monday! But for now this is the most of it! We did stay around the 2" to 4" inch mark so that is good! Now we have a little scooping to do. Not much for it was a wet snow! With this being a wet snow it has made the roads slick! so drive care full!! Here is a picture of some neighborhood road ways and this will show you how some are still slick!!

The slush is a big deal!!!!! This can make drivers slide out in a hurry. But if we take it slow and keep a watch out for the other drivers then you should be OK!! For now lets go out there and have some fun with our first real snow of the season!!!!! And remember some more snow showers are on the way later tonight into Monday!! Maybe another Inch to Half Inch is possible!! Have a great wintry day!!!!!

I'll check back later and post more Snowfall totals and snow pictures so send them into Make it a GREAT one!!!!! :-)

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