Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Watch for slick spots.

We got another Half inch yesterday! And if we add up all our snowfall totals from Sunday to Monday! We will have a final total snowfall amount of two and a half inches!! Which is right in between the forecasted snowfall amount of two to four inches!! I would say we hit it pretty close!!!!! You can also see My boy Dobby having fun in the snow!! His favorite thing to do is catching snowballs in his mouth!! He had a Blast!!

It is very beautiful out there however we do still need to slow it down on the roads! I have reports of blowing snow and slide offs on North and South roads on 231!! So we need to take our time!. There could be some Ice on the roads as we head out this morning!!. And with winds being around 15 to 20 mph today! Blowing and drifting snow will be something to keep a close watch on!!
And for more reasons then one!! Wind chills!!!!! Our expected High for today is around 34* degrees with winds at around 20 mph making our wind chill temperature only 23* degrees!! So make sure you dress for it!

Now back to taking our time on the road way!!!!! We have a wild week ahead! This is why...........................Wednesday! We are watching another system moving in!!It will be bringing a few rain showers into a Mix of rain and snow showers with it!!!!! On the back side we could see just snow showers with Ice in areas!!! Not to forget some gusty winds! Between 20 and 25mph could gust near 30 to 35mph at times!!. You know what this forecast means!!!!!

That's right......................SLICK SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!! Now I will keep a close watch on this and even post a time line as it gets closer!! For now I am just giving you a heads up!!!!! So it does not catch you off guard.....It is looking like it will start to effect us by sometime Wednesday afternoon into early Thursday morning. And not only with the Icy and wet snowy stuff but the COLD COLD temperatures!! Which will start Thursday!! With some Gusty winds around 28mph.. I know I'M not giving you very much good news but this is Indiana and when we get hit we get it hard!! This is also a reminder that Winter weather's looks can fool you!! We have to be smart!!

But after Thursday we do start to look a little better!! Still Cold!! But otherwise we will start to look better!!
Again I will keep a close watch on this and keep you posted.
For now have a great day. Keep warm drive safe and keep a watch out for Ice and the other driver!! Gave a great day!! I will check back soon.....


Anonymous said...

Good job. There was another blog that talked about 3-5 inches with maybe school closings on Monday. It seems we still get carried away with the snow amounts. Again, good job and thanks.

Justin said...

Thank you,
Snow can be tricky to track even more tricky tracking it in Indiana!