Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blowing snow with WILD WIND!!!!! Stay home and stay dry!!!!!

Hey there I'M just checking in with you again and I got some pictures of whats going on outside! Now please don't do like I did and go out just to take pictures! That was dumb of me LOL :) But here is a few shots Below! The wind is blowing sooooooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!! I was out for around 5 minutes and I felt like I had been out for hours!!!!! Please if you can stay home today the that is the best thing you can do!

And this is just a few snow flurries! Now picture this as Heavy snow showers! We would be seeing a BLIZZARD! But you can really see the snow blowing good! So I think the best thing we all can do is again just stay home where it is warm and dry! Maybe watch some Football watch some Christmas movies by the tree or how about some Home made GOODIES!!!!! YA That will work! :) And remember We still have a chance of seeing more possible freezing rain later on on Tuesday! I will keep you posted on that and I will see you here later tomorrow! See you then!

Oh one more thing! Please keep a close watch on your pets if they go out! They can get frost bite just as fast as we can! And as of now we can get frost bite in less then 30 minuets! So be safe and stay warm!!!


Keetha said...

You came to my Christmas tour entry and left a comment - - - thanks!!!

Wondering where you are in Indiana.

It's a whole 2 degrees here right now - - - - and WIND -y!!!!

Justin said...

Well I thank you for stoping by my blog! :-) Tippecanoe!

I will have to pop in your blog more! :)


Keetha said...

Tippecanoe!!! I have relatives who live there and hubby fishes there frequently.

Thanks for finding my blog.

Keetha said...


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