Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A dry slot slowed down the rain. And we hit above Avg highs yesterday!!

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Today. Forecast Focus. Highs will be in the low 30s as a cold front pushes through our area. What ever precipitation is left over from yesterday will most likely fall as a wintry mix! not looking for anything that would cause any big problems as any freezing rain or drizzle is only a real slight chance! Still we will keep a close watch on things and keep you posted!

Tonight. Lows will be in the low 20s with cloudy to Partly cloudy skies. Winds will be light between 5 and 10 mph.

Thursday. Looking cool and Mostly Sunny! Highs in the low 30s and lows in the mid 20s.

Extended outlook. There is a real slight chance of some possible light snow flurries on Friday with cooler temperatures only to start a warmer pattern. Saturday highs in the low to mid 40s and on Sunday we are talking highs in the 50s!! This is December and temperatures in the 50s?? Lets not worry yet we will be above avg highs for a few days then we will start to get back where we should be!

Here is the final rainfall totals from yesterday posted below! You can see Cass county came in with the highest! And Tippecanoe with the next! Lowest was Down in Fountain County with only .27"Inch.

Now we did have a little not forecasted break in the rain yesterday and that was all because of a Dry slot! You can really pick it out on Doppler radar! Here is a Doppler radar image I have posted below.

You can really see it above. We was in that dry slot for much of the day till the rain picked back up again after 4:pm! We went to bed with snow still left over on the ground only to have the BIG MELT DOWN by morning! Not to forget we had warmer temperatures today then we was use to! We have been having temperatures in the 20s as highs and yesterday we had a high that was eight degrees above average!! That's right here is a map I drew up below.

We where warm but did not hit that record high set back in 1987 of 56* degrees for December 9th! And we will go from eight degrees above average to highs in the low 30s today! As a cold front will push through our area! Cooling us off a bit! We do have around a week of above average temperatures :-( till we start to get back down to normal for what we want to be a cold and snowy December!! :-) because we are on the topic of temperature records for Indiana there was a record low set on this very day back in 1977 of only -9* degrees. Now I don't see us getting that low tonight but it is still fun to see or read about some of the records set a long time ago!! Still we keep our finger crossed for a white Christmas which I'M not ruling out just yet! I will keep looking watching and hoping for a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!! :-) Now with all this talk of a warmer week starting after Saturday! I want to make all the snow lovers feel a little better as well!! Now it is not much but there is a slight chance of a few light snow flurries for Friday!! This is not anything big at all this time around but if we see any it will help us remember it is still December and NOT spring!!!!! :-) I'M a BIG snow lover so you know I will be looking for any sign of even the smallest snow flake!!!!! :-)

But even if we don't have snow right now we can still sit inside and enjoy the Beautiful Christmas lights tree and wonderful Christmas movies shows and all that Merry Warm time!!:-) This has got to be my favorite time of the year!!!!!And now here is your Wintry picture of the day!! Have a great day and I will check back real soon! THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!!

And the ground is what we are seeing for all the snow has melted :-( But it shall return!!!!! :-) Have a great day!!!!!

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