Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A dry slot is over our area stopping the rain for now!

Currently we are in a dry slot so the rain has died off for now! However it will pick back up again! Later on this evening into tonight! Currently I have a total rainfall amount of .48" Of rain! I still think that Inch is possible so we will keep it at that for now! I will keep a watch on this and Post some weather maps and we will talk more about this tonight! Have a great day and keep dry!!

Quick Cast.........................................

Tonight. Forecast Focus. Rainy Lows in the low 30s there is a real slight chance that some of the rain late tonight could turn into snow however looking at the latest models runs it is not looking to likely! It would be more of a few light snow flurries to really a sleet if anything! This is looking like a mostly rain event.

Wednesday. Highs in the mid 30s looking Cloudy turning over to Partly cloudy later on in the day. Lows in the mid 20s with winds between 10 and 15 mph.

Thursday. Highs will be in the upper 30s to low 40s with Partly cloudy skies. Lows in the mid to upper 20s.

Extended Outlook. Looking like a milder week ahead of us as 40s will be back in the forecast by Saturday. I'M also still watching our Christmas outlook and really watching for any signs of snow! I want snow for Christmas that is all I want!!!!! So we just have to all hope and pray!! :-) I'M dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! I will keep you posted on all this and updated!!

Well we had a little melt down yesterday but not before I got out and made a little snowman!!!!! With rain coming today I wanted to get out and make me a snowman before it is all gone! I love snow and I always miss it when its melted away! :-( Here is the little guy below!

I put him is a lawn chair so you could see just how small he really is! Small but COOL!! :-) Get it ((COOL)) OK OK I guess that was a little lame! lol. Now back to weather!!!!!

We have another Wild Indiana weather system today! Now I think we should be tracking snow this time of year! Don't you?? Well not today we have rain to deal with! Looking for rainfall totals around that inch mark! It will be a wet muddy mess!! Yuck!! I hope you got your Christmas shopping done while you could! So you don't have to go out in this yucky mess! I know Rain can be nice but we already have melting snow on the ground! And if we add another Inch of rain on top of that we may need to watch some low land flooding!!!!!!!!! The ground can only soak up so much! You see what I mean! This rain is expected to start sometime after 6:00am and go through out much of the day. We will have to put the snow boots up only for now!! and get out the rain boots! Now I can't help but to tell you how much this rain would be if it was snow! ((One Inch of rain would be ten Inches of snow!!)) It is times ten. So a tenth of an inch of rain would be one inch of snow! A half inch of rain would be five inches of snow! So you get the point!! If only if only!! So we do have a slight warm up this week but cold weather lovers don't get bummed just yet! I think we should start to get back down in temperatures later on Late Next week! We will keep a close watch on your Christmas forecast as well and keep HOPING FOR A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Now It is only sixteen days till Christmas so Starting today I will try and post a Funny snow or Holiday picture on the blog! Have a great day bloggers make it a great one and I will check in today as needed! :-)

This is a great picture to help show our melt down as the rain is on the way!!

Have a great DAY!!!!!

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