Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Fog has moved out but Thunderstorms are on the way for tonight!

Well here is the latest on what we can expect for today!

We can expect to see some off and on rain showers with some winds between 15 and 25 mph. As we head into later tonight! That is when we could see the Thunderstorms. It is looking like closer to 6:pm or 7:pm! So if you hear thunder you will be ready! Now the good thing is we are not expecting to see any severe thunderstorms today or tonight! Just some good old thunder. However as with any thunderstorm Lightning will be something to watch out for as well this time wind! We could see possible wind gusts around 30 to 35 mph! So we will have to watch that as well! I will be here as late as I need to so we all can keep everybody updated! Now if this is not expected to be severe then why am I watching it so closely?? Well it is December and as you all know WINTER! And we are currently looking like spring! So when things like this happens we need to watch it closely! Things can change in a SNAP! So Even though it is not forecasted to I will still watch it closely! Now we do have those Darn flood watches and warnings out but the good news is the rainfall amounts are between a half inch and one Inch for Benton, Newton, and Jasper, Counties! As of now! This is better news for they had all that Icy wet stuff still up their! So the less the Better! As for us our rainfall amounts are betweenA half inch and Three quarters of an inch possible as well for the Marion, area! And I have a bit more good news! THE FOG IS GONE!!!!! ;-) You see below how bad it was! It's kind of scary picture! But it is scary to drive in! And this is why we should always stay home if we don't have to go out in fog.
Now I said I would post some pictures! And here they are from our Great And Very Merry Christmas we had! In the first picture you see the YUMMY Pecan Pie! Yes that was me who dipped into it :) And we had great Christmas lights! I seen on another Blog some Beautiful light ;-) Here you see we had our Fireplace on the TV You can't get much better then that!But other then the Family the Food the FUN!!!!! It had to be the beautiful Sunset we had Christmas Night! I walked out and was just WOW! I thought it was the best gift We could have ever had! It was a great ending to a great day! And what was really great about the sunset was the sky was cloudy all day and it cleared up just enough to have a nice beautiful sunset!
I hope all you had a great Christmas as well and now not only do we get ready for the Thunderstorms for later tonight but we have to get ready for the New Year! :-) Have a great day Bloggers and I will keep checking in today as needed!
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