Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Winter but the weather is spring like?

Hey there did everybody have a Great Christmas????? I know I did everything was just Great! I will post some pictures and talk more about it on here a little later!

First We need to talk about possible thunderstorms! I know I said Thunderstorms!!!!!!! This time of year????? Well it is not Unheard of! But because it is December we will have to watch this system closely! Now I have checked out the maps and models and Currently the SPC has mid and north Indiana in a 5% chance of being put in a Slight risk for severe weather! And south Indiana like closer to Indianapolis, and Terre Haute, have a better chance with 12% chance of seeing a slight risk for severe weather! Now as of now I think the main things to watch will be Flooding! and this is because places like up around Remington and Lgoansport, all still have Ice on the ground and as our temperatures rise the Ice will melt while the rain is coming down! As this happens the ground will not soak up the water all that fast! There is already Flood watches and warnings out! Here is the Counties in the Flood watches and warnings I have posted below!

FLOOD WARNING.....Newton, Fountain, Parke, Starke,Warren, Tippecanoe,

FLASH FLOOD WATCH.....Jasper, Benton,

FLOOD WATCH.....White, Pulaski, Fulton,


So If you live in these areas you need to be careful and be safe! Because Flooding is very possible and or likely! For the rest of us we all could very well see some thunderstorms but again these storms are not expected to be severe! However as with any thunderstorm Lightning is one of the things to watch and another thing I think we need to watch is going to be high winds!!!!! The winds are expected to be between 20 and 25 mph with possible gusts around 3o to 35 mph! Maybe higher in storms! This is for Saturday! Whats causing this? Well the Jet stream in lifting north just before a Cold front is about to push through! Or to make it a little easier a Warm Front is pushing North just before The Cold front pushes through. As all the warmer moist air rises north bringing our temperatures to around that Mid 50* degrees mark and then a cooler blast of air with the cold front will make our air unstable! Causing thunderstorms to spark up! Today we will see some off and on light rain showers with highs in the upper 40s! A good day to enjoy some leftover Christmas Dinner! :)

I will keep popping in as needed and I will be back a little later with some pictures from our Christmas! ;-)

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