Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Half inch and counting!

The rest of tonight. low around the low 20s snowy sleet mix. Will give way to slick roads and possible icy areas! Expected total snowfall around one inch. Expected sleet around one inch possible!

Wednesday. Looking a little better with highs in the upper 20s Cloudy turning Partly cloudy. Lows in the low 20s.

Thursday. Highs in the low 30s with some freezing rain in the forecast!! I will keep a close watching this. As of now I'M watching for this freezing rain to be sometime in the afternoon. Then becoming a rainy wintry mix! You can say it all with one word!! WET!!!!! Lows will be in the low 30s.

Extended Outlook. Some possible rainy weather in the morning of Friday then looking a little better letter! I'M still looking for a possible white Christmas in the forecast! I will keep you posted on that and also the storms in between!

I currently have .5 A half inch of snow. I melted it down to get the liquid ratio of the snow and got two tents of an inch of water! Now usually one tenth of an inch of rain would be one inch of snow! And one inch on rain would be ten inches of snow! But with there being two tents of an inch of water in today's snow. If we had and inch of rain we would be tracking near two feet of snow! For snow lovers this is really fun to talk about! I will keep you posted as needed. For now please drive safely and allow yourself extra time to get around and about!! I have been watching this system all day not leaving my desk. But Now I have to go out and scoop a path for the family! SNOW TIME!!!!! :-)

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