Thursday, December 18, 2008

Icicles are on the way! And a NICE White Christmas is looking likely!!!!!

Today. Forecast Focus!!!!! Freezing rain is in the forecast!! I'M expecting the freezing rain to start around 7:pm as we could expect Ice between a Tenth and a Quarter Inch possible! Expect higher amounts the more north you go! Highs will be in the upper 20s!

Tonight. Freezing rain Changing over to all rain by midnight. Lows will be in the upper 20s. Winds will be between 5 to 10 mph.

Friday. Highs will be in the upper 30s and lows in the upper 20s. We can expect rain in the morning before it starts to tapper off into the afternoon. Current expected rainfall amounts between Three quarters of an inch and one inch possible.

Extended Outlook. Saturday is looking good with temperatures in the upper 20s and cloudy to Partly cloudy skies Maybe a little winter mix of rain and snow. I'M currently watching Sunday as our next snowy system with as of now a possible one to two inches!! And a White Christmas is looking very likely!! As another snowy system is likely on Christmas Eve! Maybe two to four inches possible! Maybe more! I will keep you posted on this as well as it gets closer!! :-)

That's right I'M thinking Tippecanoe County and Counties around Tipp, Will see ice between a Tenth and a Quarter of an inch possible! This does not mean we are in the clear!! Even a Tenth of an inch of Ice is enough to cause major road problems! Also Tippecanoe, Warren, And Clinton Counties are in a Ice storm warning!


Still I will keep us between a Tenth and a Quarter of an inch of Ice! This is a lot of ice but not enough to cause major major problems. However We will still see slick spots and slick roads in places! We will have to take it slow and allow ourselves some extra time! Now the places I do think has a better chance of seeing the bigger Ice is up around the northern Newton and Jasper Counties!. And they could see ice between a quarter and a Half inch possible! Now if you are heading up far north around South Bend IN, You could run into some BIG ICY Problems!!!!! As they could see closer to Three Quarters of an inch!! You see the more you go up north the worse it gets!!.

This map above is not just for people in Tippecanoe County but everybody who has a chance of seeing any Ice! Everybody needs to take their time!.

Now on Friday we will see this Ice change into all rain by around midnight that early morning! As of now the rain is expected to let up by Friday afternoon! Also we can be looking for rainfall amounts between Three Quarters to One Inch possible! We will need the rain gauges again! Please feel free to post your total rainfall from your area! And Ice amounts!!! Thank you!

Now after all this scary Ice talk I would like to Cher you up a bit!! How you ask????? Well How about telling you we have a REALLY GOOD chance of seeing a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year!!!!! That's right I have been watching this as close as I can and Thing's are looking really good at this point for a white Christmas! This is because I'M watching two systems! One as soon as Sunday where as of now we could see snowfall between one to two inches maybe more we will see as it gets closer!! And the next system coming on the best night it can!!!!! Christmas eve!!!!! Where we could see another two to four inches! Possible!!!!! I will keep you posted as it gets closer!! Now don't you feel better? :-) I hope so!

So once again hang in there with the ice and I will keep you updated as needed!!!!! If you have any ICY pictures please feel free to send them in to me at and I will love to Post them on the blog! Have a great day knowing that this should not be another Ice storm like back in 1991! :)

Feel Free To Post Your Comments! Or Icy Stories!

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