Thursday, December 18, 2008

Icy update! For the better!

Everything is still looking good at this time! I do Still think the Ice will start to form closer to 7:pm maybe 8:pm! Now our Ice amounts will be between a Tenth to a quarter of an inch! However I think we will be right in the middle of this mark with around two Tents of an inch of ice! This is better news for less ice less damage! However roads will still be slick and icy in spots! I think we will be OK! This should not take out any Big tree limbs maybe just a few small branches! But nothing we can't Handel! Here is some Ice amounts to give you an idea as to where the worst could be!

Munice, Around a Tenth of an inch.

Lafayette, Around Two Tents of an inch.

Remington, Around a Quarter inch.

Crown Point, Around a Quarter to a Half inch,

Fort Wayne, Around a Half inch to Three Quarters of an inch.

Still if you can stay home tonight that would be for the best! If you have to get stuff done then you should do it now! Before any YUCKY Weather hits! :) On the better side most of us should miss out on the bigger stuff and we can start to rest with ease! Knowing this Icy mess will soon be out and gone!

Have a great day Bloggers and I will check back later this evening to tonight!

Please feel free to post your Icy stories and comments! If you have any Icy pictures you can send then in to and I will post them right here on the blog! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Why does this blog update right after and say basically the same things as Mike Prangley's blog.

Justin said...

Thank you for your Comment!

I did not realize how colse in was! I will try to mix it up a bit! :)