Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Icy Mess Hit some harder then others!

Well after the wild day we had I think this is a Much better looking Radar after all that rain really soaked us!!! The only rain I can find on this radar image is a little light rain down around Bloomington. And with how things are looking for the start to our Saturday! I think we should have some time to dry off a bit! :) Even more good news is we should not have to worry about anymore rain for awhile!

This is a picture I took earlier yesterday morning! It is my pool! There was at the least amount Two Inches of water just sitting on top of the ice! From all the Heavy Heavy rain we seen! That and some of the melting Ice! For some people this storm did little to no damage while in other areas people lost power for a few hours!!!

Here is a few I have posted below!

Tippecanoe Co, Had 415 people without power all have power back now!

Fountain Co, Had 1,037 people without power all have power back now!

One of the Bigger outage was Fulton Co, With 3,667 people without power. Most if not all is back now!

Here is a few ICY reports from Newton, and Jasper, Counties I have posted below.

Jasper Co, JUST now got power back after losing it at 3:40 a.m this morning. We have .25 to .30 inch ice with many limbs down, power lines down in town, thankfully temp is now above freezing at 35* and ice is falling.

Newton Co, Freezing rain started to fall late last night (10 p.m. CST) and continued through the night and was still misting at 8:00 a.m. CST. An accumulation of 3/8 to 3/4 inch diameter was measured on the gauge and tree limbs. Current conditions of a fine mist is still falling with calm winds and temp at 31 deg F. Many tree limbs have fallen with the weight of the ice.

We see this and Tippecanoe County was lucky! We missed out on the worst of the storm! I had only two Tents of an inch of ice. Now I just hope everybody has there power!!! Here is a picture of some miner tree limbs that fell here in Tippecanoe Co, Lafayette,This tree limb was long but not to big! The biggest end is only two inches thick! and is Seven Feet long! And this is just about all I could find here in Tippecanoe Co, Lafayette,! Other then Icy sidewalks early in the morning! And a lot of COLD Puddles!!!!! It was like taking a walk into a Swimming pool!! YUCK!!!!! Here are some Rainfall totals from Yesterday posted below!. You see a lot went on and some is still recovering! The best thing about all this is it is now OVER! And we all can rest with ease knowing that it is past! And even better we all can now focus on a possible white Christmas! And more snow on Sunday!

Not to forget up in Minnesota, and South Dakota in that area there are Bilzzard Warning! Places like Marshall, and windom, MN, Seeing 2 to 5 Inches of snow but what makes it so Bad is the 20 to 40 mph winds!!!!! This is for sure a WIld Winter system! They will have there hands full for a little while!

But back here at home For Sunday I'M not looking for much but maybe less then an inch possible! For Christmas Eve I'M currently looking for snow in that closer to 1" to 3" inch range!! But this has time to change! And you know I will keep you posted! I really want a White Christmas just as much as all of you!!!!! For now Lets all go out and Not only catch up on our sleep! But also Have a great weekend!!!!! :-)

I will see you real soon! Have a great weekend!!!!! Happy Saturday!

Feel Free To Post Your Comments Or Icy Stories! And Marry Almost Christmas!!!!!

One more thing! If you would like to track Santa on Christmas Eve! You can go to this site! Your Kids will love it! Make it a good one! I will see you soon!

NORAD Santa Tracker at

Thanks for reading!

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