Friday, December 19, 2008

What a night with Ice and fright!!

Well it has been a long NIGHT for me and some of you as well I know of a lot of people up late last night taking on Mike Prangley's Blog! :) You can see this radar image I have posted below from 1:54am this is all Freezing rain and you can really pick out the heaver bands!
You can really see all the Yellow raped around us! Which is the Mod rain!
You can see there is a lot of moister and not only from the radar! but the Satellite! Moister all the way from TX,
This storm has a lot to work with! and it sure is letting out every bit it has!

The timing was rather close as we expected it to Start closer to 11:pm and it started here just Ten minuets after 11:pm! You can't get much closer then that! Now I will post the final Ice amounts on here later this evening. do take your time and be safe if you have to go out as there may be possible slick spots early this morning!!!! Last night Some have reported hearing sirens! and slick roads reported in north east Clinton County! like sheets of Ice! and some people had lost power!
Here is a few litesting of lost power! as of 3:55am
Tippecanoe 69 people with power outage
Montgomery 41 people with power outage
Warren 47 people with power outage
Clinton 17 people with power outage
I will have pictures coming your way on here later on today! If you have any you can send them to and I will post them on the Blog! Still we can expect New rainfall amounts between One inch to an inch and a Quarter! We will need those rainfall totals! Maybe some possible snow mixed in with this wet mess but little to now snow will stick!! We will save the sticking snow for Sunday!

Now we are still in that Ice storm warning until 9:am this morning EST, Then it will be allowed to expire! But the good news is that after this WILD SYSTEM moves out we will get a GREAT nights sleep Tonight! This System sure has been a head banger! But we are / did get through it!!! Now we still have to be smart on the roads! I'M thinking that as this Freezing rain changes over to just plain rain it will melt some of the ice making the roads and walk way a little better! Still take your time in the early morning just to be safe! But I do think we will look a lot better by late morning to the afternoon!!!

Now WE will talk more about this later today with some pictures! But until then lets talk about something other then ICE! :)
That's right snow! Our next chance of seeing any possible sticking snow will be on Sunday where I think we will see only a little bit around less then an inch! And another system on Christmas Eve with a possible one to Three inches but we will see and know more snowfall wise as it gets closer! So YES a white Christmas is looking Likely!!!!
Now lets get off to a good start today as I have to point out the Indianapolis COLTS have pull off another WIN and are now going to the PLAYOFFS!!!!! A GREAT DAY IT IS!!!!! :)
So we will talk more on this ICY day later on and I will post some final Ice totals from around the area! Heave a great day and watch out for the Chilly puddles!
Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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