Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'M still staying hopeful for some snow flurries on Christmas! And Less Ice this time from last week!

Well I will get into the weather here in just a minute first I want to thank one of my neighbors!! Here is why! I was sitting in the house watching a movie and I herd a
" Knock " at the door! It was a Pizza guy! But we had not ordered a Pizza?? So we thought he had the wrong place! He said nope this is the right place! So we asked who is this from?? He said someone ordered it and said it was from a greatful friend! We took the pizza inside and started to think who it could be from when we then thought it has to be from our good neighbor! I called her up and asked if she was the greatful friend! Her replay (I don't know what you are talking about) It turneds out she was the one who sent it! She said we do so much for her that she wanted to do something for us! Even though she did not have to she did anyway! I thought that was a Very nice surprise! So thank you!!!!! Gorgie! Here is what she rights on the box below!

I don't know how well you all can see this but it says ((From A Greatful Friend Happy Holidays!!)) This just reminds you of the season of giving loving and being with family and friends!

Now back to weather and just what we can be expecting! Well for Later today More like this afternoon! We will start to see some Sleet / Snow showers! Only to change over to all rain / Freezing rain by 7:pm tonight! Currently I'M not expecting anything big this time Freezing rain wise! I think the ice totals will stay closer to less then a tenth of an inch! Now on the back side of this wintry system we will see rain / maybe a snow mix! Now I think the rainfall totals will be closer to a half inch to three quarters of an inch possible! Maybe some gusty winds at times as well! The winds will be between 10 and 20 mph with gusts around 25 mph.

Now for Christmas Eve! Some mix of rainy and snowy or a wintry mix if you will! It will be an off and on thing and will start to let up later that evening! Christmas is getting closer! How about the Christmas forecast you ask?????That's right I will keep hope and keep looking for at least snow flurries! I will keep updating the Christmas outlook so we all know what to expect! Even if we don't have a white Christmas we all need to remember what This season is really about! And that snow is not everything snow is just the ((Icing on the cake!)) And we also will start out the New Year with milder temperatures! But we can talk more about that as it gets closer for now lets just stick with our Christmas outlook and Today's forecast! Again I think we will stick with less ice amounts then we seen last week! and more sleet snow and rain! I will keep you posted on this today as needed!

Have a great day!!!!! (((((MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! AND PEACE ON EARTH!!!!!)))))

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