Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A little windy last night! But a Happy New Year is in the forecast!

After a Windy Night we will start to look better as the wind Advisories will be allowed to expire this morning with the last one by 8:am. We are looking for a much more quite week of Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies! And we will start to see our temperatures get back down to normal! It will feel cold out their today as we will see our temperature go from a high of 52 Yesterday to around 26* degrees today! But this quite pattern wont last for very long! This is Indiana weather! We are known for our rapidly changing weather!!!!! As we start to get into the first week of January we will start to liven up again! But first how is your New Years outlook????? Well take a look below!

You see I'M not looking for any storms for the start to the New Year!!!!! This is what I would call a great start to the New Year! Right around average temperatures and all is looking good with Partly cloudy to Mostly sunny skies!!!!! YES!!!!! However I would like the forecast better if we would have snow on New Years But I guess this is good to! We need a break in the weather to give all of us some time to relax and get out of these flood watches and warnings that are still in effect! Also we have had a really wet December!!!!! We need time to dry out! Now we may still have a few breezy winds off and on today but I will take that over what we seen last Saturday any day! That was just to close for my liking! I think you all know what I'M talking about! As we seen the possibility of that rotation to touch down! We don't need that! Even more in December! But I'M not looking for anything like that as we liven up later on Next week! So you can rest your mind! For now I think all we have to worry about is Remembering to count down to the new Year and enjoying that beautiful Sunny sky! Think we can do that?? I do! :) Everybody have a great day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I will check back soon! With pictures from our Happy New Year!!!!! Have a great one! :-)


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