Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!! What a GREAT NIGHT!!!!! Watching the ball drop was soooo cool and fun with my family! We all counted down and all wished everybody a Happy new year! We had good food! And I even put up a confetti dropper!! That was really fun! And I could not believe it really worked! As you can see below all the Confetti covered the floor! I think this is the start of a new Family tradition! Because it was fun to put it up and everybody loved it when it all came down! All in all it was FUN and a GOOD TIME!We all counted down the New Year with not only our Family but how can you not count down with the one and only Dick clerk????? He makes it the New Year! Right? Well Because he is such a good guy I wanted to make sure I got him posted on the blog! So here is to the Best New Year Host!!!!!!!! Mr, Dick Clerk.
He did a GREAT Job and still looking good! We wait every year to see him! It would not Be New Year's without him! Their was Great Music Like Tyler Swift, And the Jonas Brothers! I'M pretty sure some of you have heard of them ;-) Not only that but we had a great and beautiful night last night! I really hope you all got a chance to get out and see the Beautiful Moon! It was the Perfect Night with Clear skies as far as the eye could see! I think it is a great start to the New Year! And It was also a great Meal! We had a Big Set up of the one the only Chile Dog's! I know I know........We are supposed to have Cabbage! But we like to do it a little different! And who doesn't like Chile Dogs????? It is the American food!
Now How are we looking for the First day of 2009? Well to sum it all up! We are looking Mostly Sunny!!!!! And Beautiful! We are looking for Temperatures in the middle to upper 20s which is right around where we should be for this time of year!
This is a nice looking Thursday! Now Lets not forget this is Winter right? Well I do see us getting into a more wild weather pattern! And some more good chances of seeing snow! We will talk more on this a little later! But for now! Lets all go out and Have us a HAPPY NEW YEARS DAY!!!!!
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