Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rain snow update!!

We are already looking at some rain changeing over to snow in the northen counties like Newton and Jasper Counties, They can see 1" to 2" inches of snow while we down in Tippecanoe County are only looking to be around the Half inch mark!! Snow is not the only thing we will be wakeing up to!! COLD COLD Temperatures and even COLDER wind chills!!!!! Only a 5 to 10 mph wind but that can do a lot!! Temperatures in the morning will only be around the low low 20s and with wind chill it will feel like the lower teens!!!!! We will have to keep the warm layers out and thick gloves and hats as well!!!!! Please I can not say this enough as you head out be careful and drive smart! The roads will be slick with patchy Ice in places!!

I will post some maps a little later tonight!!

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