Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday is bringing rain. Cold rain!

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Tuesday. Forecast Focus. Tuesday is looking mostly like a rainy event this time around! As temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 40s! There is a really slight chance of a few light snow flurries on the back side of the storm but right now is not real likely! New rainfall amounts are looking around an Inch! Maybe an inch and a quarter possible!

Wednesday. A little cooler with highs in the upper 20s to low 30s! Maybe a little left over rain from Tuesday then turning mostly cloudy. Lows in the mid 20s.

Thursday. Looking better with Partly cloudy skies. Highs in the upper 20s and lows in the low 20s. Looking like a calmer day!

Extended outlook. Friday a Little warmer highs in the mid 30s and lows in the mid 20s partly cloudy only to start a chance of sleet! And after Saturday we could be looking at a slight warm up in the forecast! Not to worry if you like it cold we do still have more Cold blast of air to work with! I'M still watching another system on the way later around the 16th! It is still a ways out! Will it be rain? will it be Snow? or will in be both????? It is still a little far out to tell for sure but I will keep a close watch on it! Also we will be cold for Christmas! So we don't have to worry about that!

I'll have more on this far out system later tonight. and keep you posted on your rainfall as well! Have a great day!!!!!

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