Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Wicked Wednesday is whats in the forecast! With Falling Temperatures!!

That's right a Wicked Wednesday is all the HUBBA!! As you see above we could very well see some Icy roads in the forecast tonight sometime after 9:pm. We are tracking a rain to snow system today! Rain starting this afternoon sometime around 2:pm to 3:pm and then changing into a mix of rain and snow by 7:pm only to go all snow after 10:pm! As you can tell the (((Timing is everything))) and I will keep a close watch on this through out the day and keep you posted as needed!! Now I would like to take the time to ask you to please take you time out there on the roads and don't get in a hurry!! Especially later tonight after things start to freeze!!!!! We do not want anymore slide outs!! If you just allow yourself some extra time and take it slow you will be OK!! ! We all just have to keep a watch out for the other driver and be careful if out later in the evening to the night.....Rain over to snow is not all we need to watch!! today. But also falling temperatures!!!!! We will start out in the low 40s only to end up with a low in the lower 20s!! This is because of a Big cold front!!

We will have a BIG cold front move in today and we will really feel it!!!!! Even more on Thursday!! As we will have a high only in the middle 20s on Thursday!! And a low in the teens!!!!! We will have to really Bundle up like the little guy above!!!!!

We also have more snow back in the forecast!! For as soon as Saturday!! Currently I'M looking for another 2-4 inch range! and I will keep a close watch on this as well! I will give you a more for sure snowfall range as it gets closer!! It still has time to change!! But where is the BIGGER snows????? Well December is looking like a snowy month! Saturday as I said above.....Then maybe Tuesday the 9Th is possible.....And to give you something to think about..Maybe a bigger system to track later around Monday the 15Th!! Will it be rain?? Will it be snow???? Will talk more about it later!! :-)

Till then!! The Tippecanoe County, Christmas parade is coming up on Sunday to Down town Lafayette. It is looking like highs will be in the mid to upper 20s with Partly cloudy skies and we may add in a few real light snow flurries! I will keep a watch on this for you as well. For now the parade forecast is looking good but COLD!!!!! You will need the warm warm layers as you head out!!

It is hard to believe it is only 22 days till Christmas!!!!! It is going FAST this year!! We will have to start posting some Christmas light pictures on the blog before long! Don't you think? :-)
Have a great day everybody! I will keep checking back as needed! And THANK YOU For Reading!!!!! ;-)

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