Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alberta Clipper is moving in! And it has below zero wind chills with it!

Well things are still looking good at this time! The system is holding together well and is looking good!!!

We seem to have the moisture as well! Which is a big help for snow lovers! The snow is already in IL, and moving in! Now currently I'M looking for snowfall in Lafayette between the 1" and 3" inch range! Now this system does have the chance for some 2" to 4" inches in isolated areas! However for now I feel better with the 1" to 3" inch range for Lafayette!But now you know there is the possible slight chance!

For down south of Lafayette down around I70 will be closer to an inch of snow!! Now for all areas who do see snow remember it will be a light fluffy snow! There for even light winds will blow it all over the place! Which will make driving hard and will lessen visibility! we are currently looking for the winds to be between 15 and and 20 mph with gusts to 28mph! So allow yourself more time to get to work and school in the morning! For the snow is expected to start by the time most get ready to go out! Around 4:am or 5: am in the morning! Newton and Jasper counties are looking for snowfall around 2" and 4" inches which means they could see closer to Three and a Half inches!

So this is all starting closer to the morning rush! This is when you all do your part to drive safe allow extra time and be careful!!!!! For the roads will become snow covered fast!

Now the snow is not all we need to be worried about! That's right we need to watch out for the COLD POLAR AIR!!!!! We will see out Temperatures today be really cold! We are looking for temperatures today around a high of 10* degrees and a low around 1* degree! Now if we add in the wind chills we will see the temperatures fall even more take a look below!
I think the word BITTER COLD sums this forecast up! Don't you? :) We see the -11* wind chill in the daytime today to the low wind chill of -22* degrees! WOW! This is dangerous cold and there is colder weather to come! I know you would not think we could not get much colder! Well if we look at Thursday we will see the daytime wind chill high will be around -22* degrees and the wind chill Low around get this! -31* Degrees!!!!! WOW this is frost bite weather in less then ten minutes! Keep a warm blanket and a Winter survival kit in your car! You can never be to ready! This type of wild Weather is what Indiana is all about! If you want to forecast then you come here! ;)

We will need to where the layers and keep all parts of our skin covered! Anything not can get frost bite! I would say if you don't have to go out then it would be best to stay home!!!

I still say we can look forward to the weekend as we wont be a whole lot warmer but it will feel like a heat wave compared to today and tomorrow! I love the cold but -31 below with wind chill is just to cold for me! Now we have Wind chill watches out for some counties around the area and Winter weather advisories out as well! Again here is a link to keep up with the latest watches and warning! Just click!

NWS Indianapolis, IN

I will check back. I will see you soon! And thanks for your post!!! Keep safe and warm! Oh and keep your faucets with a steady stream for the next few days to keep the pipes from freezing up!!!!! I always do this when it is below zero!!! Also you can send in your snowy pictures to me at and I would love to post them here on the Indiana weather blog!

I'll check back later on!!! Be careful on the roads this morning!

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