Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The clipper is coming!

As of 11:00pm.

I just wanted to pop in before the big forecast update! To say that this system is holding together rather well at this time! There is a good amount of moisture with this system and like I said is holding together well! It is now in Springfield IL,! I have been watching it keep its form for the past few hours! Our temperatures are currently at 6.4* degrees and look to be holding steady! This means that as the snow falls it will be a light and fluffy snow! So even the lightest wind will blow it around! SO you will have to take your time as you head out!

Now I have to get the next blog post ready and I will check back in about an hour! with the latest!! See you then!


As of 9:22pm.
Just thought I would pop in real quick

I have been watching things closely tonight and as of now things are still looking on track! The clipper is now starting to drop snow flurries in Carthage, Rushville, and areas around in IL, and it still looks to be bringing moisture down to us! I will keep watching things and I will have a full update! Coming your way a little later on tonight! One more quick thing! We in Lafayette already have a wind chill of -7* degrees so if you have to go out be sure to have the Hat coats and gloves! The cold is already starting!!!!!

Stay safe and warm tonight!


Hey there I have the latest!

Looking at some of the maps earlier we was talking about dry air over our area! Well it looks as though it is starting to push off the the east and some moisture is trying to make is way into our area from up in Minnesota, and South Dakota, so I do see us getting SNOW! However We will have to take this hour by hour tonight and keep you all posted! Now I have this system starting sometime around 5:am Wednesday morning! So be careful as you head out to work or school! Currently for Lafayette I still like the 1" to 3" inch range! However this means we could see snowfall around one inch to an inch and a half! Snowfall gets a little higher up around Newton and Jasper counties! Where I like the 2" to 4" inch range! Which means they could see snowfall around 2" inches.

Wind chills are going to be a BIG PROBLEM for the next few days! As they will be well below zero! We are talking around -11* degrees for the day time tomorrow and -22* degrees for the night time. And by Thursday even colder! As highs will feel like -11* degrees with wind chills and take a look at this low! -30* degrees with wind chill at night!!!!! You should stay home if you can! I know all can't stay home so if you do have to go out take a Blanket in your can and have a winter survival kit! We have been talking about this wild winter cold for the past week now and here it comes! We are talking about Frost Bite weather! In Less the Ten minutes!!!!! Keep warm and keep all parts of yourself covered when you do go out! We are already seeing our temperatures fall! We are at 12.9* degrees and Falling!!!!!

I will keep you all posted through the evening! Keep it here and stay warm!!!!!

One thing that would have warmed you up was the Beautiful sunset we seen this evening! I hope you all got a chance to see it!

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