Monday, January 26, 2009

Another update

This is an image of our moisture. You see I have outlined it. This moisture is really building up. If we look at the radars we can see the system is really packing the moisture and this is good for snow. I do feel for those south of Indy that may have to deal with more freezing rain rather then snow. We around the WLFI viewing area should have to deal with all snow! I know I will take that over snow any day. Anyway this moisture is good news for Snow lovers! There for a while today I thought dry air would stop this system but as seen above that looks to be starting to close off. This system is still moving to north and looking good for our snowfall. I like everything so far. Still like the 3" to 6" inch range however we may still have to add to this! We will keep watching it closely. And keep you posted. We can always add on as it get closer.

Here is a radar image of this huge storm!

I will keep checking in!

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