Friday, January 30, 2009

A big system will be tracking to the east coast And maybe some light ice on Superbowl Sunday!

Hey there we see Pickles above sleeping after another big day of snow fun! I have made a 4FT ramp out back and she loves to run up it and slide all the way down we can call it sledding doggie style! lol. Well we had a nice day yesterday until the winds started in and had that snow blowing all over making driving hard and dangerous. There where a lot of people around the area reporting gusty winds causing problems on roads.

Today we will still have to watch for some more winds as they look to be between 15 and 20 mph some could gusts to near 25 mph at times. So take your time if you need to go out and be safe.

One thing we should talk about is this weekend! Which is when we are watching for a slight chance for some possible freezing drizzle on Superbowl Sunday. Good news is it does not look like much and (IF) we see anything it will be really light still models show liquid around .10 which can make the roads slick and cause problems!!! Some models show more of a light rain rather then Ice but we cannot rule this freezing drizzle out by any means. Also there is a BIG system taking form for later on Monday into Tuesday for much of the east coast! This is a BIG BIG system and will give way to heavy snowfalls and ice in areas along with High Gusty winds. With the way the low looks to be tracking the east coast looks to be the main zone for things this time around! Here in Lafayette maybe a few light snow showers are possible.

Today we can look for a few light snow flurries not much at all just a few flurries and temperatures as highs will be around the low teens. Lows in the single digits. So bundle up is the the word of the day ;) Also I'M going to start a new thing called the Picture of the day! We will start with the one below! And keep posting as we go along!

Also Superbowl Sunday is just around the corner and I'M looking so forward to it! I have had someone ask me "If we get this freezing rain on Superbowl Sunday how will you do both?" (I will find a way!) lol..... Again I want to thank you all for voting on the Superbowl poll and now I have a new poll going! To see how you all feel about More Winter or an Early Spring? It will be fun to see how you vote! For now I will again head off to bed and get some sleep! Thank you for reading and feel free to post you comments below! Any weather pictures like Sunsets, Nature pictures, Snow, Thunderstorms, Anything Weather or Nature will be fine! Just send them to me at and I will love to post them! Maybe one of yours could be the "Picture of the day!" :-) Have a good one dress warm and be safe on the roads!

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