Saturday, January 31, 2009

A nice looking weekend with a slight warm up for the Superbowl before we get another cool down!

It's the weekend! YA!!!!! lol We look to be starting the weekend out right this time as we will be Mostly sunny to Partly cloudy with Mild temperatures right around 29* degrees. We are also looking for a warm front to push through later today into tonight! Which will warm us up a bit for Superbowl Sunday! Take a look at this map I have put together for you below!

We will see a few more winds today between 10 and 15 mph as well with a few gusts to 25 mph at times! But I'M sure we will still enjoy a good Saturday as it is the weekend and who don't like that?! This is really the slight warm up before the big cool down! I know I know I'M not making you all feel better with this talk about another cool down but I'M just the messenger! lol. There is a big cold front expected to move through late night Sunday into Monday and we will feel it as highs will then be in the teens again!

Now the Superbowl is Tomorrow and I have seen a lot of people talking about who will win and I have to say most are liking Arizona for the win! And being here in Indiana and a MAJOR Colts fan! I would like to see James, get a ring. However I think the Pittsburgh will pull it off but I'M not good at picking the win if it's not the Colts! ;) really it does not matter who wins I think it will be a GREAT game! Now here is your Superbowl Forecast below.

For the morning of Sunday you can see that slight chance for some drizzle which has the chance to fall as freezing drizzle. However it is looking like less then a Tenth inch! Still even that can make problems on roads. So I will keep you posted on that! Then we should start to clear out a bit and become Partly cloudy by later in the afternoon to evening. Highs in the low to mid 30s is looking Pretty nice! Everybody got there Superbowl party's ready??? lol.

Now I was talking yesterday about another big system that was taking shape down around LA. Well from the latest maps and models it looks like it will track more to the east coast rather then the west! This will keep the most part of it around the Ohio and Pennsylvania areas. However I will not rule out a few snow flurries to showers for us although it will not be much! But this time it is looking like we will miss out! But High winds and heavy snowfall will be the key on the east coasts. No matter what it is going to be a big system and worth watching! This low pressure is a strong one! And it is bringing back a lot of stories about the great blizzard of 78 that the Indiana area had!

Now here is your pictures of the day below! Be sure to send in your pictures and Pets are always good pictures to have! I know my aunt has some funny dogs! And they always take great ones.

Send your pictures to to see them posted on the Indiana Weather Blog. Thank you for reading I will be back with another look at your Superbowl forecast. for now have a great weekend..........

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