Wednesday, January 21, 2009

High pressure will bring clearing skies and warmer temperatures.

OK fellow Bloggers! I have been checking out a few things on not only our 5-Day forecast but also on that next possible snow system for later on next week.

First off I would like to point out with this next possible snow system is that it is going to be another tricky one to call! And as some of you have pointed out already we have seen duds before with just about every system that has come from the south west this Winter. With those systems we was looking for possible snow and then they changed over to an icy mix with snow on the back side do to our above freezing temperatures! Now with this system there is always that chance it could happen again! However for now we are still looking for snow! If we do stay all snow we could be looking for the 3-5 range maybe more! But like I said before!! This is not for sure yet! It really is to far out to know for sure! I just like to let you all know ahead of time so you know there is that chance for a big snow!

Now I would like to see us get that snow! And it not change! But I don't control the weather! lol! We all just have to see what mother nature wants to do! I can only give an idea as to whats coming! SO Again this system has the potential to give way to a big snow or a dud to rainy mix! The good news is I will have a better and stronger forecast on this as it gets closer! Then we will talk amounts! ;) Sound good?

Now for you Partly cloudy to mostly sunny sky lovers! I have a treat for you in this forecast! Today through Friday we are looking at Partly cloudy skies! And also for today temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s! And Tomorrow temperature in the low to mid 30s! We will call this a slight warm up! Or mini warm front! :) Which ever you like better!!! Winds today between 15 and 25 mph. Not to bad! And who can we thank for our partly cloudy skies????? Well none other then....................
That's right Our fair weather friend High pressure! He will move in and clear our skies! I will have to get out and get some pictures! You can E-mail me your weather pictures at and I will post them!

Also Fellow snow lovers! We will have to get out and enjoy the snow that is left on the ground while we can! For temperatures today near 30 will soon melt our snow! I know my dogie Dobby! Was out playing in it today and is now all tired out! Which is kinda a good thing for he had a lot of energy to burn! lol!
I'll catch you later on! Be safe and have a good day.....

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