Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick warm up is coming before the big cool down!

Well we have a nice weather pattern moving in for today and tomorrow! If you like the mild temperatures then you will like this forecast! ;-)

Take a look below at one of the nice warm fronts which will help bring our mild temperatures in the High 30 to low 40s.

This map is for late tonight into Friday morning! We will see a warm mass of air work our way! Along with that we can expect to see some clearing skies today! Now for tomorrow it is looking like mostly cloudy skies and there is a slight chance for a few light sprinkles. However that is real slim at this time but we wont rule it out. You should enjoy this quick warm up while you can! Key word........Quick.........This is because we will see another cold plunge of arctic air by this weekend! We are talking highs in the teens again and lows in the single digits. This is only January and we still have a lot of winter to go!

Now here on the Blog we have been talking about a possible bigger snow system for Monday into Tuesday. Now here is the latest!

With this system it has been flopping all over the place. Now by that I mean the models some times don't do a good job with these systems. Some models show us missing the big amounts of snow. While others are back and forth. All I can tell you at this time is there is a chance with this system to give way to a big snow or another dud. I will have a better idea as it gets closer then we will be able to time it out and give amounts! Still as of now models are jumpy. So I will have another update coming a little later on and keep you posted. Right now the main thing with this system is will we stay cold enough for all snow and not a mix or a change over! This is what we need to keep a close watch on and keep tracking! If we do stay cold enough then we could very well see a good snow if we don't then we are talking possible rain or freezing rain! Only time will tell how mother nature wants to go..... We shall see.....
But for today lets just enjoy the warmer temperatures and Partly cloudy skies! Lets see that sun............There we go that is what we are looking for today! lol ;) Have a great one.
Warm weather lovers Enjoy..... Cold and snowy weather lovers hang in there you have another cold week coming! One more thing! This picture above of my Aunts doggie Archie tells us a few things. First off it tells us Archie is bored. Next he wants to get out and play ball. And last it tells us today is a great day to do so! Just be sure to clean off there feet before they come in! With temperatures above freezing today the snow will melt and make a wet mess! Dogs love that! ;) I'll check up with you later..........

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