Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indiana weather has given us the snow but now it hits us with the bitter cold!

We got what we was looking for snow wise! Nature worked with us for a change! The snowfall was beautiful and I have a pictures to show you! First off how about we start out with some snowfall totals posted below from around the area!You see we all seen a good amount of snow! I'M sure the kids around the area got a chance to get out and play before the hard cold hits! Which will be today! However it is not all fun! Although I had a lot of fun today! There was a lot of ice on sidewalks and drive ways! I know this because I fell down at least four times! I was out doing some scooping for the neighbors and I think I found just about every patch of ice! :-) lol! But I'M OK!!! We even got a chance to get out and play a little Snow Football! I know I know kid stuff right?? But I say you are never to old to play a good game of Snow Football! It was a great game against my older sister! I would like to point out she can (((((Hit Hard!))))) :) But it was fun then it was back to work! Here was the final score below!
Even though My team won we all had a great time and there where no hard feelings! And she has beat me many times in the past! (Maybe she let me win) Hum?????

Now back to weather! Take a look at these beautiful snowy pictures below! In the first picture you can see the sun shining on the snow! That's right we did see a break in the clouds later on in the evening! It really is a winter wonder land! And I guess you could say it was the calm before the Bitter Cold! Not to forget Dobby my dog was out yesterday playing and rolling around in the snow! I thought he had better have fun in it before the cold hits for they can get frost bite just as fast as we can! And he really loves the snow! :)

Now about the COLD! We already still have Wind chill Watches and Advisories out for much of the area!!!!! Here is the link.
NOAA's National Weather Service
We have highs today of only around -2* degrees without adding in the wind chills! We could see a few light snow flurries however it will not be much at all! Winds will be between 15 and 20 mph. Add these winds to our temperatures and we are looking at Daytime wind chills of -22* degrees! And night time wind chills of a dangerous -31* degrees below Zero! This is frost bite weather in less then Ten minutes!! If you can stay home that will be the best thing you can do!!! Travel is not advised! If you do however have to travel or go out then you should have a Winter survival kid handy! And a blanket! Just to be on the safe side! And this winter cold is going to last for a while! Even on Friday we will still see highs in the single digits without the wind chills! And lows in the near Zero range! Daytime wind chills around -11* degrees and Night time wind chills around -26* degrees! Another note is to keep a close watch on your pets as they go out! They can get frost bite very fast in this weather! So this is a bring the pets inside forecast! It is not safe for them either! We wont start to see a warm up until closer to the weekend! And even then we are still going to be in the 20s! Indiana weather you gotta love it! ;-)

So the best thing I can tell you for this cold weather this week is to dress smart in the Hats coats and Gloves! And uncovered skin can easily get frost bite! And no one needs that! So keep safe keep warm and I will see you soon! Have a great one! And keep in touch with your neighbors! It is always good to help someone else in need!

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