Friday, January 16, 2009

More cold weather today! And the Dogs know how to stay warm!

Hey fellow Bloggers! We have had Below zero highs! Bitter cold wind chills below zero! And Snow all over the place!!!!! And we will get to all that! But First I wanted to let you all know that this is my 200th Blog post! It is hard to believe I have posted to you all that many times! And I can tell you there will be more to come! I can't wait to have my 300th post!

Now I can tell you I do see a warm up coming our way real soon! I think you all will be happy about that! ;) This has just been a freezing cold time! One which I think we will never forget! I mean how can you forget -15* degrees below zero without the wind chill?? I know I never will! I don't think the pets will forget it either!
You can see here Willie the Chihuahua And Dobby the Rat Terrier Had the right idea in this cold weather! With there little sweaters on and under the blankets! They where nice and toasty! ;)
Now about that slight warm up I was talking about!
We do have a fair friend coming! A small warm front which will be warming our temperature to the 20s by this weekend! I know 20s is not a lot but after the cold temperatures we have been seeing yesterday and will be seeing today! It will feel like Florida! OK maybe not but it will feel warmer!

Still for today we do have the wind chill warnings out for most of the state! And I still say if you don't have to go out today then it would be best to just stay home! As we are looking for a high today of only 10* degrees and with wind chill around -10* degrees! Now the nightly low is going to be around -8* without wind chill and with it it will feel like -35* degrees Below Zero!!!!! Again this is frost bite in LESS THEN TEN MINUTES! You need to take note and dress warm! There have been people say that the cold temperatures have made there skin feel like it was on fire! This is just some of the things you need to be on guard about! And the main parts that are most likely to get frost bite are your nose ears cheeks and fingers! So keep a close watch on these parts! Now also the more north you go the colder it will get as they have the deeper snow pack! More snow means colder temperature!

And again lets keep looking forward to the weekend! I will check back with you all later! Stay warm stay safe and keep in touch!

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