Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The moisture is still tracking north!!

Well this has been a wild night!

I really do like the looks of this system and how we are setting up! This is a system with a lot of moisture as you see below!
Usually when we get systems that form off the Gulf moisture we see our bigger snows! Some parts of Indiana already see over 2" inches down closer to Bloomington, And this was closer to 11:00 pm. I have been sitting on the latest maps and models as they come in and again they have been moving north little by little and so far I like the way this has went! I have been E-Mailing Mike Prangley tonight and we both was watching possible ice for just on the southern edge of Montgomery County, From the latest model runs as of 2:00am I still think the Ice will stay just south of Montgomery County and I think places closer to Fountain county will see more of a sleet and snow mix rather then Ice. Still we will keep watching it closely!!!!! I will keep 3" to 6" as our range and if we keep on this northern track then we may have to add to this! We will keep you posted on that as well. We will also keep watching our Jet stream for that can shift more north as well which will help us with our snowfall. For now I will think about taking a cat nap or something. I have a hard time sleeping on a night like this. I'M pumped up I got the Music playing and having a ball..... This is what I love to do! ;)

I will keep you posted today so have a good nights rest and get everything done today in the morning and early afternoon before the bigger snow hits. We can expect it by later afternoon into the evening. And will start to tapper off by Wednesday afternoon.

We are also watching a small clipper system for Thursday into Friday which currently looks to bring us around an inch and a half but we will talk more about that after our fun with this one! :-)

If you have to work late please take it slow on your way home if caught in the snow and drive safe! Be safe and lets all just enjoy what mother nature has to give us!

See you later on today..........

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