Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow flurries are in the forecast and the bitter cold will start to move out! ((Thanks to a warm front))

Well as someone stated that cake in the last post does look good! lol! And Joy said she had a great birthday!

Now to the weather! We are looking a lot better for today or should I say the start of our weekend! ;) We are looking for a few light snow flurries today starting after 5:pm this evening! However it is not looking like much maybe less then an inch! However it should put a light dusting on our already fallen snow pack! We have a chance of snow for just about every day for the next three to four days! Nothing is looking like much however we are still watching snow for Monday! Right now only around an inch but I will time that out and give a better stronger snowfall amount as it gets closer! Till then here is your quick cast below! ((As of 1/17/09))
You can see today we have that chance for snow after 5:pm with some winds between 15 and 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph at times! Making our daytime high wind chill feel like 7* degrees. Also this will blow around that snowfall we already have and the new light snow flurries to come!. More chances for snow off and on through out the day for Sunday! Tuesday into Wednesday is when we really start to look good as I see highs around that 30 degree mark! I know that will make a lot of you happy! Me I like the snow but could do without the bitter cold wind chills! Which that is another thing I wanted to point out! Tonight is the last night I see wind chills below zero! And it is only looking like -5* degrees below zero with the wind chill! Then we start to climb a little higher! I know I Bottomed out with a low last night of -12.8* degrees below zero! COLD! sums it up! lol. Here is a few more lows from last night around the area!

Lafayette -14.9* degrees below zero.

Remington -18* degrees below zero.

Tipton -17* degrees below zero.


So we can see we where all well below zero last night! Now the weekend is here and again I do think we will look a lot better! Have a great weekend and I will catch up with you all a little later! I have to go see if I can get more pictures or something later on today of this beautiful we still have around!!! For now I will catch up on my sleep! lol! ;-) Have a great weekend! And don't work to hard! I will see you real soon!

Thank you for reading and thanks for your post!

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