Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my good friend Joy!

Happy Birthday To My good friend Joy!

Joy is my friend who lives down in Baton Rouge LA, also the one who sent in those GREAT pictures of there four inch snowfall back in December of 2008! She is a great friend and I am Very glad to know her! She always puts a smile on your face when ever you talk to her and always sends great pictures! Joy be sure you get your puppy hug from your doggies today! I know they love there mommy! :-)

I also asked her to send me a piece of her cake today as well so she sends in a Great looking picture of her red velvet cake her son got her! And now My mouth it watering! lol! Thanks for the great pictures Joy and keep sending them! I hope you have a happy birthday and make it a great one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To all back here in Indiana we do have a slight warm up coming for this weekend! I will talk more about that coming up a little later on tonight! See you all then!

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Anonymous said...

Man does that cake ever look good!!!!!!