Friday, January 9, 2009

This system is tracking tricky!

OK this has been an odd system! Things have been changing every time I turn around! The low pressure is now tracking more south then it was earlier this afternoon! This is why I say nothing is set in stone until it is here! And models don't always do a great job forecasting just where the low will go! This is why we have to take it hour by hour. I'M now thinking snowfall in the 1" to 2" inch range for the Lafayette area and Ice in the Tenth inch or less. Ice starting around 2:am and snow a little later!! And Newton and Jasper counties snowfall in the 1" and 3" inch range! I know this is not what I had earlier but as I said this system has changed a lot!!! I'M currently waiting on another model to come in and I will check back!
However one good thing tonight was the sunset! Real quick I wanted you all to see this Beautiful site below!Hang in there with this system! I can only tell you what the models tell me! ;-)

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