Thursday, January 8, 2009

A warm up before the BIG COOL DOWN!

Hey there! We seen some more snow flurries yesterday not much but still enough to go over what little ice is until out there! We should see around a quarter inch as we wake up this morning! And we even seen some Icicles out there yesterday as well! They can be really beautiful! And I just had to get a picture of them! But the ice that is still out there early this morning is going to have a light coat of snow so do be careful when you head out!But one of the main things we will have to watch is the cold start today! We are talking wind chills around -2* degrees!!!!! So dress really warm when heading out this morning! And keep the kids warm as the wait for the bus! It would be best to drive them to school if you can for this is dangerous cold!

Talking about dangerous cold! I see a big COLD BLAST of air start closer to Monday! This is really looking like a dangerous cold blast! We will for sure be feeling like winter! We are talking heavy heavy coats Hats and gloves!!!!! Could be frost bite temperature! So now you have the heads up ahead of time! But it is not all bad! For you warm weather lovers! You should get out and enjoy the mid to upper 30s Friday! We are looking for nice partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures but as I said it wont last for long! So go enjoy it while you can! For now still take it slow on the roads for there is a good chance of some patchy black ice on the roads! Just take it slow allow yourself extra time and be careful!

Thank you for reading and I will check back soon!

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