Friday, January 9, 2009

Sticking snow is on the way!

Hey Bloggers!

It is good to check in with you all again! We have a lot to talk about! So let's get started!

First off we did see a few more light snow flurries yesterday! You can see in this picture below it was not much but we did see a light dusting! The only bad thing about this snow was we still had some Icy spots under the snow! There for it was slick in areas! I was out for a bit and was sliding all over the place! My poor little dog was slipping as well! I think he has the Winter Blues! ;)We have more snow in the forecast for late tonight or sometime after 2:am early Saturday morning!! If you like snow then listen up! I'M up late tonight to keep a close watch on the latest models and maps! And it is currently looking like the Lafayette area and areas around the Tippecanoe area could see one to Three inches of snow! I have been looking at the maps and I still think we could see some higher amounts!. Maybe later I will put us in the two to four inch range! We will have to watch it closely and see how things play out! Just keep it here for the latest! There is already a few Winter storm watches out for some places here in Indiana, Here is a link so you can keep up on the latest watches warnings and advisories as they come out!

NOAA's National Weather Service

Also If you have to travel up north on late Friday night into Saturday that is where you could see the higher snow amounts yet! They have the chance to see three to five inches up around Newton, and Jasper, Counties! And up around Fort wayne, Higher Yet between five and eight inches of snow possible! Now this system has already slowed down a bit as it was expected to start around Midnight Friday night. This was at 10:pm last night. And it is now expected to start closer to 2:am Saturday Early morning! A lot of things go into forecasting snow! As in how much moisture, Where will the Low pressure track, How fast will the front push through, Timing! and many more! Also you can see more snowfall when it snows in the night rather then the day! This is because at night the temperatures are cooler and are less likely to warm slightly from daytime heating!

I will check back in a little later on with the latest! For today you can enjoy temperatures in the low 30s before we get the snow! Have a great day bloggers! I will check back soon! Thank you for reading! And be careful on the roads as you head out this morning!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the snow, Justin! Your dog will love it I'm sure! My dog hates the snow, she doesn't know what it is! LOL, she shakes her paws off and looks at them with disgust. LOL.

Justin said...

We have a dog that does the same thing! A little chihuahua! Does not like it at ALL! :)