Saturday, January 3, 2009

We have a busy week of weather ahead of us!

Hey there we have a busy this week! I'M up late trying to put together your forecast and let me tell you things are changing every few hours! But for today the latest models are not showing an all day rain which is good we will be able to get out for a bit without the umbrella! At least for a few! The models are currently looking for the rain to start to move in by closer to 5:pm or 6:pm this evening! Then going off and on through out the night and into Sunday afternoon where it is then expected to tapper off! Then we get one day of Partly Cloudy skies then it is back to a wet and Snowy few days!!!!! I as a snow lover like this forecast as any snow lover would! Here is why.

I have been staying on top of the models and They seem to be agreeing at this time that the change over to all snow will be sooner then what was expected earlier yesterday! And I still like the two to four inch range at this time! Now with this being Indiana, I will continue to watch this closely as things change and keep you all updated on what we can expected. Nothing is ever set in stone here in Indiana!! But you already know that ;-)

Now I really hope you all got a chance last night to get out and get a good look at that Beautiful Sunset! It was just GREAT! I did take a few pictures and have posted them for you below!
Just look at those beautiful high Orange and Pink Cirrus Clouds! It was a beautiful site! That and with the trees set in the background! I walked out and it was the nicest seen! Cirrus Clouds usually mean Fair weather but can sometimes mean storms are on the way! Though I don't see any storms today! But Rain is on the way! I would say the Cirrus Clouds know what they are doing! They are right on the money! :)

So again for today we will see our temperatures a little above average but not expecting to set any record highs! And we should really start to not only set into Winter snow wise but cooler temperatures by Monday! Keep it here for the latest and I will keep you posted! Have a good day and I will keep checking in!

Oh I almost forgot!! Don't forget to catch the Indianapolis Colts in there first Playoff game of the season! I will have to catch it in between Blog post! Which is fine with me because the WEATHER COMES FIRST!!!!! ;-) Have a great day!


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