Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow is still in the forecast.

Well it is great to check in with you all again! We are still looking for the snow showers on Tuesday into Wednesday! It does still look like we will see it start out as a light rain mixed with snow showers! But I don't think it will last to long! I do think we will be in this one to three inch range. However my models seem to be agreed on a possible two inches! So all we can do as of now is just keep watch on this and for the snow lovers they need to think how they can get out and have fun! The other good thing is this system has not changed much! So we can only hope it will stay on the expected track and we will see more snow then rain. And just so you all know I have not seen any models point to any freezing rain! So that is good! We will talk more on this and I will give you all the details later on tonight so be sure to tune in! ;-)

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