Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The winter mess is looking less!

Well this system has really been a mess! So lets get started!
First I wanted you all to check out this Beautiful sunset from just last night! You can see the High Cirrus clouds! Now cirrus clouds usually mean good weather but can sometimes mean a storm is on the way! Well this time a winter storm is on the way! So the Cirrus clouds where talking last night!Now here is what we are looking for! As you head out the door this morning you can expect to see some rain / snow showers around 9:am! This is only the start of a wintry day! However as we talked about earlier there is a slight chance of possible ice! Well some good news! If we do see any freezing rain and that is a slight chance it will be on the light side! More like around a Tenth inch or less! And the more north you travel the less Freezing rain you will see! As well as snow! I'M currently looking for snowfall around an inch or less at this time! Here is a map I have made to help give you an idea as to how much snow your area can expect!This is really going to be a light winter storm but still enough to cause problems on the roads! As you see if you go more south the worse it gets and the more north the better! So if you have to travel south today then you may want to leave a little early as to north it does not look bad! However we do have some Winter Weather Advisories out for parts of the WLFI Viewing area! Here is the National Weather Service link so you can keep up with the latest weather advisories. NOAA's National Weather Service We will just have to keep watching this system as it moves in today! I will keep you posted as needed! But again things don't look that bad still take it slow if going south for a little bit of ice can do a lot of Damage! I think we all know that! But we should stay on the light side of this storm which I think is WAY BETTER then Ice!
This time I think we will luck out! ;-)If you have any pictures of the snow or if you are down south where you could see ice then you can send your pictures to me at storm18mini@aol.com and I will post them on the Blog! Thank you all for reading and I will check back today as needed!

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