Monday, January 5, 2009

The forecast has changed a bit and now maybe less in the way of snow!

Well Things have changed a bit! If you like snow then you may not like this forecast! I have been really watching these models and things have been looking good for snow up till this point! The models are showing more of a rain snow mix then all snow! And there is a chance of possible ice! There for we could see a Tenth inch or less of ice / rain and around one inch or less of snow! However I will not say this is set in stone I mean there is always time for things to change but for now this is what it is looking like. But for today we can all enjoy some nice Partly Cloudy to Sunny skies! This is a treat we all can enjoy!

But for you snow lovers I don't want you to feel bad so here is some of the current snow pack Around the area!

You can see up around Michigan, they have around a 15 inch snow pack and back here at home in the north parts of Indiana we see around a .30" Of an inch. But there is still a lot of winter to go! And I do see more chances of snow in the forecast!

Also we are starting to get into the cooler temperature again and we will feel like winter starting today! And even more as this week gos on!

If you want you can get out and take some pictures of the Beautiful Clear sunny sky today and Send them to and I will post them! I will have to get out as well and see what nice pictures I can find! I have not been out in a while! I think I could use a little fresh air! ;-) I will be sure to however keep a close eye on things and I will keep you posted so you know the latest! Have a great day and be sure to soak up the sun but you might need a warm jacket or coat if you will! It will only be in the low 30s!

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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