Monday, February 9, 2009

A beautiful ending to a great weekend and now we are looking at severe weather on the way!

Well as seen above we had a great ending to our weekend! I think it was a rather good one! ;) And now we start the work week once again! And we have another week of wild Indiana weather to get through. We are tracking both Winter and Summer in the same week. The first system we will see will be Thunderstorms! With a good chance to be Severe Thunderstorms! And then as we head into this weekend we will be right back to winter as another snow storm will try to work it way to us! With currently the chance to bring Five inches. But that is a week away so lets just get through the first set of storms. Take a look at the map below I put together for a Quick Outlook.You see I'M looking for us to be in the low 60s today as a warm front will push through our area warming us once again. Now for today we can expect to be mostly cloudy maybe a few peaks of sun in the early morning. We may see a few light rain showers move in by late evening to the night. Winds will be rather light today before we see them pick up even more again by Tomorrow! Today between 10 and 15 mph maybe a few gusts to 20-25 mph. Tomorrow winds will be between 10 and 15 with gusts as high as 30 mph. Along with some rain off and on through out the day with a few Rumbles. Nothing to bad with this system as of now just some gusty winds. Expect rainfall to be between .10" and .20" amounts may be higher in thunderstorms. We will still watch this closely as well.

Now Late Tuesday night we will be watching things closely here on the blog for we will see some stronger storms move in in the late night of Tuesday into early morning Wednesday. This is the system we are watching. The rain and storms will be going through much of the day Wednesday as we will be seeing High winds Heavy rainfall and strong storms. Rainfall is looking to be around an inch maybe an inch and a quarter. The good news is the most of the heavy rain should stay to our north as the Low keeps tracking north. Still High winds will be a problem. I do look for the SPC to put us in a risk for severe weather here before long. And we also could very well see some Thunderstorm watches and warnings out by the time things get closer. The only thing we can do for now is keep watching things closely and keep everybody posted.

Now with the storms in the forecast I thought of something! In every thunderstorm there is Lightning! So now is the best time to post some lightning safety tips. This is because lightning is 45,000 degrees F* which is Six times hotter the the surface of the sun and kills more people a year then Tornado's and Hurricane's together! And can strike when it is not even raining which means it can strike several miles away from the storm cloud. Here is a few tips below.

Avoid using the telephone (except for emergencies) or other electrical appliances.
Do not take a bath or shower.

Go to a safe shelter immediately! such as inside a sturdy building. A hard top automobile with the windows up can also offer fair protection.

If you are boating or swimming, get out of the water immediately and move to a safe shelter away from the water!

If you are in a wooded area, seek shelter under a thick growth of relatively small trees.

If you feel your hair standing on end, squat with your head between your knees. Do not lie flat!

Avoid: isolated trees or other tall objects, bodies of water, sheds, fences, convertible automobiles, tractors, and motorcycles.

Following these tips can help you be more aware and ready for the upcoming storms. I just want all to be safe and ready. With this being the first severe weather of the year it is best to remember the safety tips and also check through your weather radios and other weather ready stuff like your back up radio TV safety kit. it is best to have it ready to go just in case.

Today we will go out and have a good day and I will see you here later tonight with another update on our wild weather on the way! Have a good one and remember your weather safety tips!! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Good safty tips Justin!
And pretty pic of the sunset last evening..was a beautiful one.