Sunday, February 8, 2009

The dogs are loving the Spring like weather!

Hey there! Above is a great picture Teri, took yesterday morning of her baby girl Sassy! She loves to sleep while the warm Sunshine shines on her like a green house keeping her nice and cozy on a beautiful Spring like day! Sassy was enjoying the nice weather we had by running through the mud and taking it in to show her mommy! However I'M sure Teri could have done without! ;)

Sassy was having too much fun, ran into the house all coverd in mud and jumped on my sofa... yes I am an animal lover, but this gal of mine is like a kid, she needs a lecture LoL.

Sassy was not the only one having fun but cookouts was all around the area as well! I know Dobby my Rat terrier was by my side while I was cooking just waiting for me to drop something!

We seen a high yesterday of 55* degrees which to us it felt like 65* degrees after being stuck in the house from all this bitter cold Indiana weather we all know and love so much! It was one of those days where you just wanted to get out and drive with the windows down! We had our windows open and it is so nice to get some fresh air back in the house! However I could do without the muddy mess all over the yard! We will be a slight bit cooler today as a cold front will push through our area putting our high temperatures to the upper 40s as seen below.Today should be another good day as skies look to be Partly cloudy to mostly sunny. Winds will be light between 5 to 10 mph which is much better then yesterday with all the high gusts! Now the main thing people want to know is what is coming for later Tuesday into Wednesday????? Well Tuesday should be rain and a few thunderstorms however it don't look bad rainfall you can expect to be between a quarter and a half inch! Wednesday is when we need to watch things closely! Wednesday is when we will be most unstable and we will see heavy rainfalls! We are talking rainfall around an inch to an inch and a half possible. And with the ground being so WET heavy rain is not something we want to see. Now the thunderstorms do have the potential to be severe and we will watch it closely. Nothing is ever set in stone with Indiana weather. So for now Tuesday light rain in the morning with the main rain moving in that night into Wednesday. I'M currently looking for the thunderstorms to start to move out by Wednesday afternoon to early evening! Now this timeline is just to give you an idea and will change by the time we get closer. I will keep you updated on the timing and how strong the storms will be as it gets closer.....

Now if possible strong storms are not enough we will be getting right back to winter by this weekend! It is Just like Mike Prangley said! Our weather is like a rubber band! The more you stretch it the harder in snaps back!! Well our average highs for this time of year is right around 36* degrees and we have been seeing highs the past few days of 49* 55* and today looking for around 48* degrees. This is a good 13 to 19 degrees above average! And nature will for sure Snap us right back by this weekend! As we will be watching another possible snowstorm! We will talk more about that as it gets closer! But for snow lovers it is something to look forward to and for warm weather lovers it is a bummer! But hey I can't please everybody at once! lol.... :-) I try!

Now go out and have a GREAT day!!!!! Teri thanks again for that beautiful picture! I really do love that shot!..... If anyone has any weather or animal pictures feel free to send them to me at and I will post them.......... Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

You are welcome Justin, and thank you for posting!

I am not liking the chance of severe storms next week. I will be at work, and wont be able to check the radars or bloggs:(((

My dogs stay in their cages while I am at work, for they will sit at the window and bark at who ever walks on THEIR side walk when I am not home;)And they are afraid of storms.

A big fear of mine is when everyone is warned to get to their safe spots, I think of my dogs who are stuck in their cages, I worry.

My daughter goes to school next to the one I work for, she is right next door, so I can get to her in a heartbeat if needed, thank goodness! And the schools have a wonderful safty plan in place!

But I still worry like crazy about her, she thinks I am nuts when I make her go to the basement.

Enjoy this day! temp is now 31.3 degrees.


Justin said...

Well Teri I will keep you posted as it keeps getting closer! I can see why you would be worried about your dogs.

There is always someone at my house so our doggies are safe! However no basement :( That I don't like!

I remember being scared of storms when I was little and now that I know more about them I don't mind them as much! Still I wish we did not have the real strong ones as much as we often do!

I will have another update coming later again tonight and we will see how things look.

Like I always say hope for the best but be ready fot the worst! And it is Sunday and the storms do have time to change.

I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, have your camera handy? beautiful sunset! Too many trees in my way to get a pic.


Justin said...

Yes teri I did get a quick shot! We will see how it comes out!