Monday, February 23, 2009

Checking In With Snowfall Totals And More Wet Weather Is On The Way!

Hey it is GREAT to check back with you all! I know it has only been one day but it feels like it has been much longer! You can see above I have not forgot about the snowfall totals from last weekend! I think we all did a GOOD job forecasting this system.....Yes it did change at the last but we stayed with our call for 1" to 2" inches and you see above we did see those amounts around the area. I myself seen 1.0" one inch on the nose and another in Lafayette had just over an inch with 1.3" inches! With some lighter amounts in Monticello, and Rensselaer, areas.

Now there is a lot of people wanting Spring weather! Well, we will get a taste of that this week with rain in the forecast and not snow for a change! That's right we will be looking for rain. Currently it looks like it will be late late Wednesday into early morning Thursday. Otherwise Wednesday is looking dry! We will watch the rainfall amounts and could I have a temperature surprise in the forecast??

We will talk more about the rain on the way and I will show you the pictures I have from our snow. All this and more coming here on the blog later on tonight! For now I'M going to rest up so I can start my day and give you all the latest! ;) Have a good one.

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