Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'M up late and working hard to keep you with the latest!

Hey there I'M here and in storm mode!!!!! OK it is really late and it is raining rather good outside. The rain started right on time and everything is still looking good! Not much has changed in the forecast which is good news. However some is not such good news and that would be the rainfall amounts have changed a little bit. I'M now looking for rainfall to be between 1.50" and 1.75" inches. this I will be watching closely. This rainfall amounts are for Newton and Jasper counties as well..... Also as you know the winds are still the main threat at this time! We could very well see winds between 15 and 25 mph this morning and they will pick up with gusts to 55mph between the time of 1:pm and 10:pm today. This is what I'M watching closely. We are still in a slight risk for severe weather today and we are in that High Wind Warning. However I still like the severe and stronger storms staying to our south. Here is the Storms Outlook for today below.This is the same as it has been the past few hours so this tells you I still like our forecast. Now we will still see some good storms today and I think our best chance for seeing some good storms will be as you are waking up! That's right! Around 6:am or 7:am this morning. Otherwise we will be seeing rain and thunderstorm through out the day! And the high winds will stick around with us as well. So please remember the safety tips and be ready and safe!!

And after we get through this storm we will be back to winter by Saturday! With another small snow storm system. This is not a big system but we can look for snowfall between 2" and 4" inches possible. We will talk more about that as it gets closer but for now! I need to keep up with the latest! It is 3:11AM and raining hard.

I will check in a little later on! Rest up!! ;)

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