Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Update.....................

Here is a look above of our rainfall totals from Last Nights little rain storm. We did stay below .20" in most areas which is good news. We don't want a lot of rain with all the rain that is still to come later on tonight. Now there is a lot of watches and warnings out around the areas so here is a few as of now.


These counties are all under a High wind watch. And as much as I heat to say it Jasper county is under a Flood watch with Newton county under a flood warning.

Now with these storms as you know high gusty winds are going to be a BIG problem. We will see winds between 15 and 25 mph with gusts to 45 mph pushing 50 some mph in storms. I still think the main Severe weather will stay to our south but still main things for our area will be High Gusty Winds, And Lighting.....Currently tornadoes are looking like 2% still we can never rule them out when there is a chance for severe weather. We all seen what happened last December..... We can't rule out any hail just yet as well. I will be back again with another update to make sure you know of any changes made to the forecast. I have my radar up and ready to go! The storms are still looking to be starting closer to 1:00am this morning. It will be a long night but with you Bloggers it will feel quick..........

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